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In an industry that’s developing at lightning pace, tracking what comes next in crypto will be key to innovation and evolution   

We help you get started safely & securely

Businesses and investors are increasingly turning towards crypto assets as blockchain technology which has revolutionized the financial landscape and spread across multiple facets of the economy.

There are thousands of cryptos and blockchain projects being actively traded and initiated today. So how do you pick good ones? and from where do you start safely and securely?

At Hexus we help you step by step to navigate the blockchain and crypto world whether you are a seasoned user or just entering the scene.

Starting in Crypto

We help clients get started in cryptocurrency trading. This includes wallet setup, exchange support, and an overview of the best security practices to keep your crypto safe.

Project Discovery & Evaluation

At Hexus we provide technical analysis to identify new promising Crypto projects as well as an insight into where funds are moving to. We handpick high potential projects and tokens after performing thorough due diligence, tokenomics and blockchain analytics.

Education & Know-How Transfer

We enable our individual and corporate clients with a strong knowledge base that allows them to navigate and profit from the crypto & blockchain sphere. Our educational & consultancy services cover the fundamentals of crypto-assets, the methodologies to select suitable cryptos, blockchain startups, and tokens as well as a study of associated risks and mitigation measures.

Cryptocurrencies for your Business

Our corporate services include the setup, testing & operation of safe and easy-to-use crypto payment gateways that enable businesses to accept crypto payments and increase their revenue.

Cryptocurrency Development

For businesses seeking to create and transact in their own cryptocurrencies or blockchain networks, we avail elaborate token development solutions from conceptual token design to launch and infrastructure maintenance. Our services start with brainstorming ideation and whitepaper creation up to wallet setup and coindrop.

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